22-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
My daughter's birthday is the beginning of July and we are looking to have a Nerf War birthday party for her. We will even take the single bullet shooters. Thank you!
22-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
Needing bamboo shoots to make mason bee bundles. If you are removing bamboo from your yard or have old bamboo garden stakes, I will take them.
21-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
We are looking for a small patio table for our deck. About 22-30in long and 18 (or bigger/smaller) wide. We are looking for something a few feet high we can have in front of our porch swing, not a full dinner table. Thanks!
21-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
I am primarily looking for tripods, the heavier it is the better. Really like old tripods designed for old vhs camcorders. I will take whatever stands that I can, light ing or music stands are also very helpful. Or c stands, telescope stands, microphone stand, mono pods, or anything telescoping that can be used to make stands. I use the stands to teach photography to kids so anything will help....
18-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
We're on fixed incomes and barely getting by with paying rent and bills so can't afford any thing extra. We're in need of a weed wacker. If any one has one they no longer need please let me know. Thank you in advance.
17-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
Mine is falling apart and I,m on a fixed income.Due to medical reason I sleep in my chair Leather would be great. I sweat alot
15-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
If any one has a working rinse n vac type or other carpet cleaner we could give a good home, and get plenty of use. Thank You in advance.
14-May-2018Brownsburg, IN(24 miles)Items Wanted
I can pick up.Must be in good working condition please.
14-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
broken ac in home housing place won't fix my ac need some window units over 87 degrees in my house
14-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
I am needing a cpap machine also if you have the accessories, masks, tubing etc as well. Thank you in advance.
14-May-2018Plainfield, IN(19 miles)Items Wanted
In need of cardboard boxes for moving- small or large, doesn't matter. Thank you.
12-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
I could use about a half-dozen plastic milk crates in good shape. Thanks.
12-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for original croc shoes size 9 for women. Thank you!
11-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
In need of a seed/fertilizer lawn spreader. If you have no need for one, I will be happy to take it off your hands.
10-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
I can pick up as long as it's not real far as I only have a luggage rack on my suv & no access to a truck. Clean & bug free please!
9-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a VCR and needing one.
9-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
Seeking moving boxes of all sizes for pickup on Sat 5/12, Sun 5/13 or Mon 5/14.
7-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a go kart frame, wanting to have something I can spend time on this summer. Doesn't have to have a engine or running engine.
7-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
Would very much appreciate cuttings from wandering jew (or similar), spider plant, or hostas. Thanks in advance!
7-May-2018Indianapolis, IN(18 miles)Items Wanted
They don't need to be perfect, but servicable, please. Thanks!
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